What do you wear to work in summer? Fashion editors give you 10 answers!

What do you wear to work in summer? Fashion editors give you 10 answers!

So, if you want to know how to dress smartly and skillfully in the workplace, you might as well find inspiration from Hellosuitlady's street photos!


Shirt skirt Mix fashionable belt

If you want to wear skirts in the workplace, nothing is more suitable than a shirt skirt, more feminine than a shirt, and more capable than a regular dress.

As long as a high waistline is outlined with a design-sensitive belt, it can become a skirt that does not have a particular figure, and it is easy to become fashionable!


Fashionable Accessories Focus on Basic Button Skirt

Slimming hip skirt, showing the image of women's mature self-confidence, is also a common list of women's wardrobes in the workplace, black/white/grey/camel/navy and other neutral tones classic atmosphere, in order to break the dull feeling, you need a fashionable shoes and design sense of accessories...


Shirt Mix Pencil Skirt

Whether it's a shirt or a pencil skirt, it's a work attribute. To avoid being too serious, try printing. For the pear-shaped body with fat lower body, the upper shallow and lower deep color matching can also be used for line-of-sight transfer to achieve a slim effect.


Shirt Mix High waist A-shaped Skirt

It's more romantic and gentle than pencil skirt. It's short and smart. It's long and elegant. A stylish A-shaped skirt can make you fashionable.

Because the shirt itself is not self-cultivating, the A-shaped skirt is also loose, so the high waist design is not easy to show short and fat.


Shirt + Suit Shorts

Do not love too weak feminine flavor, may as well change the half skirt into suit shorts, to create a handsome boyfriend style, shorts can also be invincible wide-legged trousers show slender legs. To be fashionable and stylish, a colorful Suit Shorts can be done!


Sleeveless Shirt + Straight Pants

Like handsome feeling is inevitable without straight trousers, broad-legged pants or legged smoking pants are good, with long-sleeved shirts too hot, with T-shirts too casual, put on a sleeveless shirt with a sense of design is good, fashionable, clean and cool.


Suit + shorts / skirts

Summer can also wear a suit ah, especially in the air-conditioned room, with shorts or skirts can be able to competent and lively, with a pure white T, increase relaxation and leisure atmosphere.


Hierarchical sense of suit and waistcoat

Suspect the long sleeve suit is too hot, take off the two sleeves and turn it into waistband suit vest. It is fashionable and advanced immediately. It can also increase the sense of hierarchy of matching. It can wear suit vest directly, or open T-shirt inside.


Polo shirt instead of shirt


The polo shirt with shirt collar design, which has the ability and stability of shirt and the leisure property of T-shirt, is very suitable as a substitute for the shirt in the workplace, slightly self-cultivation, and also makes it very easy to match with the undercoat.

Connected straight trousers

It's more handsome than a dress, better matching than other clothes, and it's easy to wear fashionable pants. Straight pants with straight pants look nearer and smarter, and more suitable for the workplace. Details like belts are all bonus options.

After reading the street photos of hellosuitlady editor, you will find that creating a fashionable workplace look is nothing more than choosing a design-conscious job list, or using printing to light up the match!