These elements must be remembered when choosing swimsuits

These elements must be remembered when choosing swimsuits

Introduction: How can sunshine and beach lack a sexy swimsuit to enter the country, see more mothers in hot spring pools, and find some new inspiration for swimsuits on vacation, but which swimsuit is the most popular this year, which one is the most suitable for you - Fashion bloggers help you try it on.

Fashion bloggers'swimsuits, though sexy, can be retro throughout, wide shoulder straps, high waist and other elements are integrated into the retro elements of modern swimsuits, compared to full-sexy low-waist bikini swimsuits with retro elements better control.

A high waist that exposes the root of the thigh.

Choosing a bathing suit is to fully expose the side thigh roots and extend the legs from the waist, which may be the only way to maximize the length of the legs.

Whether it's sexy or respectful of retro styles, maximizing leg length is an indispensable trend this year.

Wide shoulder band conjunction

The swimsuit with wide shoulder straps seems to borrow the inspiration of sportswear, which has been particularly popular in the past two years. Wide shoulder straps can also provide a sense of security, without worrying about swimsuits crashing to reveal the scenery.

When choosing a swimsuit, the color can be as concise as possible. Compared with the bright flowers, the classic black-and-white color matching or the monotonous pure color is more durable.

High waist and wide shoulder straps can improve body shape, whether it's a sports-oriented one-piece bathing suit or a bikini-based one-piece bathing suit.

Big dew back

The swimsuit with exposed back is naturally sexy. If the girl who usually chooses conservative clothes is afraid of exposing too much scenery in front, she can choose the style with moderate front and large area exposed behind, which can easily make people amazing. Compared with thin shoulder straps, wide shoulder straps are more retro sexy than poster girls in the 1940s and 1950s.

The big back swimsuit can also be used as a camera caution machine, only showing long hair and no back, even the expression can be easily omitted.

Weaving style

Swimwear with weaving elements has not been seen for a long time, and this year has been favored by fashion bloggers. Weaving elements have a sense of retro, and tend to be high-waist style. After all, where the waist starts, the legs will be as long as they are.