Summer T-shirt collection!

Summer T-shirt collection!

It's time to write about summer wear.

What's the best partner for summer? That must be a T-shirt!

Whether you want to follow the path of a neighbor's sister or you want to feel handsome and compelling, a T-shirt can be easily made.

However, T-shirt is a consumable item. The best T-shirt will become somewhat yellow and old after a winter, so it is quite necessary to buy some new ones every summer.


Pure T-shirt

Pure T-shirts are absolutely right for you if you love the simplicity of your dress style.

Pure T-shirts have a big feature, that is, they don't pick people to wear, and no matter how you match it, it's not easy to make mistakes.

You can wear jeans with a relaxing feeling.

You can also wear a girl's sense with a skirt.

Especially white T-shirt is a great match!

Whether it's wearing jeans skirts, broad-legged pants, or suspender skirts that are usually afraid of being fat and dare not wear out, or doing laps have different effects.

If you think the black and white T-shirt is too simple, you can try some bright colors, not only show white percent, but also make you the brightest girl.


Printed T-shirt

Printed T-shirt is also a classic T-shirt, no matter what route you take, you can wear it.

It is undeniable that compared with ordinary white T-shirt, it will appear more personalized, different patterns also make it have different effects.

It is also because of its unique design that it is loved by the stars. There are also rock-and-roll prints and cool girls.


Slogan T-shirt

Slogan T-shirts are especially popular this year. Put what you want to say on your T-shirt. It's cool and personalized to think about it. No wonder it can set off a wave of trends.

Logo T-shirts are also a must-have item for fashionistas. In the past, I always thought that there was a "local tyrant" flavor on the clothes printed with the big logo, but now I think it is a beauty of simplifying the complexity.

Besides being simple and attractive, logo T shows more charm and resonance of the brand, which is why more and more people choose to wear logo T-shirts.


Stripe T-shirt

Stripes can be said to be a popular element throughout the year. How can wardrobes be scarce for such individual items?


Retro T-shirt

The word "retro-style" has not been mentioned several times this year. Anyway, you remember that this year's retro-style is very popular.

Compared with the ordinary T-shirt, the retro T-shirt has more youthful vigor and Sport breath besides the collar and cuff with a circle of color bump.


Short T-shirt

Short T-shirts are probably the most prominent and slim of all T-shirts.

It's a pair of high-waist jeans that visually improves your waistline and lengthens your thighs in seconds.

But the short T-shirt is not very friendly to the little cute meat on the waist. If others wear it dazzling, you may become dazzling meat. So the little cute meat on the waist should be careful.~