Still wearing wide-legged pants? First love trousers are the face value of fashionable age reduction in spring and summer!

Still wearing wide-legged pants? First love trousers are the face value of fashionable age reduction in spring and summer!

Speaking of the most fashionable and aging trousers, it's not the first love trousers! The so-called first love trousers are actually our familiar belt trousers, refreshing and comfortable, clean and pure, with a youthful atmosphere, like a very first love.~

And hide meat and show thin, according to different collocation, change all kinds of styles, wearable bar drops!

But seems to be a simple strap pants, but also a very test of matching skills, wearing bad will change into a plumber in a second. So, this Moco will come to share with the lovely little ones the most classic and error-prone matching of the belt trousers!


Belt Trousers + Sanitary Clothes

The combination of belt trousers and toilet clothes can be said to be the most suitable season for this alternate spring and summer, with a sense of leisure and aging, and full of girls.~

White cap and guard clothes with jeans and belt trousers, coupled with a simple retro baseball cap, leisure also shows a sense of laziness.~

Likes the individuality Street wind the small lovely, may also boldly attempt this kind of red and blue collision color guard clothes to match the pure color belt trousers, deliberately takes off one side belt, matches the Kuang Wei classic opening laugh, the fashionable personality is not wrong!



Belt pants + shirt

Simple white shirt with solid color body-building straps and broad-legged trousers, lotus-leaf baby collar with lantern sleeves, there is a kind of retro palace style both visual, sweet and aging.~

Change into loose black belt trousers with sneakers, straddle a canvas bag, and create a street leisure style~

This kind of high-waist wide-legged belt trousers is very suitable for small girls, perfectly improve the waistline, blue and white combination of simple and advanced, the workplace can also be easily controlled.~

You can also use the same color system principle, with color matching jeans strap pants, stuffed half of the corner, strap down directly, with casual shoes, personality!

Of course, you can also manually create the effect of the belt trousers by using the belt trousers clip, which is retro and fashionable.~

In addition to the pure color shirt, the wave print shirt can also be used with the belt trousers group CP, the combination of leisure simplicity and French retro, play mix and mix.~

Stripe shirt with straight strap pants, thick heels, sweet girl is you~

However, special attention should be paid to the fact that this kind of ribbon style belt trousers are not suitable for shoulder width cuteness, otherwise it will appear that the shoulder is strong, on the contrary, you can choose the lotus leaf edge to decorate.~

Apart from being built in, it can also be worn outside directly.~


Belt pants + T-shirt

Belt pants with T-shirt is absolutely necessary this summer! With sports shoes, baseball caps, youthful vitality!

All blacks look cool with chic sunglasses and hairbands!

If you think the black belt trousers are too dark, you might as well match the bright T-shirt to reconcile, the sharp contrast is more layered.~

You can also choose bright colored belt trousers with white T, eye-catching full~


Belt pants + knitted shirts

Knitted sweaters, as a versatile inner lap, are no pressure when combined with straps and pants. Even basic black-and-white matches can also wear a high-level feeling!

Of course, if you want to be more eye-catching, you can try this high saturated lemon yellow, with olive green belt trousers, foot on vintage riff shoes, second temperament refined!

Red letter profile knitted sweater with loose belt trousers, sports shoes, play around the street cool model, but this low waist line style of small girls must not try! Kirky legs change in seconds!

Bright red and white strap pants with wide legs give people a bright feeling, red canvas shoes can play up and down echo role.

Big V-neck knitted sweater with shoulder-slanting matching homochrome belt trousers and Newsboy Cap with sexy personality~

Such high saturation color matching belt trousers have a strong styling sense. When matching the upper body, it is suggested to focus on pure color.


Belt pants + umbilical outfit

Wait for a few days when it's hot, the umbilical outfit can be put on! The design of one-character shoulder foam sleeve with tight belt trousers, who is not a fairy yet?~

And this kind of shoulder can show the beautiful clavicle perfectly.~

Belt pants with umbilical sling or breast wipe can be said to be the ultimate sex play! Sexy charm emanates from leisure and relaxation~

If you are afraid of cold, you can take a coat with you, tie it around your waist when it's hot, put it on when it's cold, and keep it fashionable and warm.~

If you want to be sexier, you can wear straps, a scarf around your neck, and retro sunglasses. You are the most beautiful boy in this street!