Put on this "tea skirt" and lose 10 kilograms without losing weight!

Put on this

Increasing temperature and regular cicada calls all indicate the coming of summer. It was so lovely and miserable in early summer! It's a little warmer than spring, but not too hot. Everything is just right. People unconsciously want to wear skirts to go out.~

Speaking of skirts, we have to mention the "tea break skirt" from last year's fire to the present. This skirt can be said to be the C queen of this summer's fashion circle. From the star to the fashion blogger, it's a mess of fire.

This Vintage-filled dress has a long history. Little cute people who usually watch English plays or movies should know that the noble ladies in them often appear in gorgeous clothes, elegant and dignified, very attractive.~

However, although this kind of waistcoat looks good, it is not easy to wear, and it is not comfortable, even changing several sets a day.

Only in the afternoon tea time can these Ladies fade their Chinese clothes and change into lightweight and decent dresses. Tea Dress is the name of the tea break skirt.

With the emancipation of women and the popularity of feminism, tea dresses have gradually been sought after and loved by women all over the world.

In 1973, Diane Von Furstenberg, the founder of the brand DVF, improved the tea break skirt on its original basis and introduced the first real tea break skirt.

Tea dress is simple, elegant, self-cultivation, and can maximize the display of female charm. Since then, it has become popular all over the world, and has become a necessary item in every beauty-loving woman's wardrobe.

This year, tea dress is still one of the most popular fashion items. It can be said that it is necessary for human hands, but also shows high and thin! So I can't wait to introduce it to you.~


Characteristics of tea break skirt

To be a tea dress, you must have three characteristics: deep V neckline, waist-closing design and A-shaped skirt hem.

Every feature carried out alone is a skinny little expert, combined together, that is, bold capitals and underlined thin!!!

Deep V-neckline

Tea skirts are usually accompanied by a loose V-neck, which can not only stretch the neck, but also have a good effect on facial modification. They can also reveal delicate clavicles, full of feminine flavor.~

Receiving waist design

Tea dress with high waist recess design can skillfully improve the waist line elongation height, but also easily hide meat, so that your body looks more exquisite and delicate.

Type A skirt hem

The skirt of the tea break skirt is A-shaped. Everyone knows that this kind of skirt is super hiding meat, and the small cute with thick legs or big buttocks can be easily controlled. Most tea dresses will also be matched with high open-fork designs, lengthening the legs while adding a little sexy at the same time.~


Style of tea dress

Short money

The style of tea dress is mostly simple, mainly from the length, pattern, and details of the design to make a distinction.

Short tea dress looks more charming and lovely, girls feel bursting shed, giving people a sense of full youth and vitality.

Long style

Long tea dresses are more elegant, romantic and gentle.

Detail Design

Some tea dresses are decorated with lotus leaf edges at the neckline or hem. They look more designed and very sweet and romantic.

And the lotus leaf edge element has a certain visual expansion effect, very suitable for flat-breasted aliens!

Bubble sleeves are also a common design in tea dresses. They can also make skirts look more stylish and have very thin arms.


The pattern of tea dress

In fact, the style of tea dress is not very different, the main difference is the color and pattern.

Pure color style

Pure color simple and elegant, mint green, goose yellow, turmeric, naked pink, are very suitable for summer fresh color system, soft sprout girl.

Small Fragments of Flowers 

When small flowers and tea dresses are integrated, you can see the naive and charming girl feeling at the same time - elegant, gentle and beautiful feminine taste, which is fascinating.

Red is warm, black is elegant, green is fresh, depending on the change of color can deduce different customs.

Small and delicate patterns highlight the cute and witty girl.

Fresh Daisy printing is more idyllic and romantic, giving people a comfortable and leisurely feeling.

Great Printing

Compared with the small fragments, the scattered large prints have a more feminine taste, elegant atmosphere, and a stronger sense of retro.

Point of wave

Points and tea dresses are also a good set of CP oh, white and black spots are fresh and clean.

The black background and white spots are dignified and retro.

The color style is more witty and warm.


The Matching of Tea-break Skirt

Tea skirt also has a very attractive advantage, that is, easy to build, you can walk on a pair of shoes can go out, really fashionable and effortless.

Tea skirt + sandals

The most popular sandals this summer are laced sandals and flat-soled slippers, which are a fairy pair with tea dresses.


Especially with a straw package, it is the standard holiday look, lazy and casual.

Tea break skirt + single shoe 

Tea skirt with single shoes, can enlarge the feminine flavor to the best, refinement has no choice.

Coarse heels are better to wear, giving the impression of intellectual elegance.

Mary Jane's shoes and flat soles give people a sense of cleverness, but also more young girls age.

Tea skirt + sneakers 

Small lovely people who prefer handsome style should not miss their sneakers and easily deduce Niangman style. Canvas shoes are very good, very cool girl street style.

Small white shoes, not to mention, are refreshing and versatile, which can deduce a very vibrant girl's feeling.

If there are small pieces of color in the shoes that correspond to the color of the skirt, it would be more perfect. At first glance, it would be a fashionable essence.

Let's introduce some tea dresses.