I don't know what to wear this summer. Seven of the most worthwhile ones are here!

print dress

In the multifarious trend, there is no direction to wear.

These seven current fashion elements teach you how to dress well.

"Recently, Chao found that all the little friends around him were shouting a word, whether they were friends or friends in the group were asking:

A kind of

"What's better to wear this summer?"

"I really don't know what to wear!"

"How do you buy this year's fashion items?"


Everyone said that they always felt that they suddenly had no guidance this year, so they did not know how to buy! Although buying has always been a difficult problem, it seems that this summer is particularly confused - and why this situation? It's not because the fashion elements in street photography have been varied since the four fashion weeks in the early autumn and winter of this year, and they are still the same today.

To be honest, let's talk about trends and trends in the past. There are always people clamoring for rejection! But really this year is not clear, and everyone is suffering again. This pain is like "Sister holding a handful of RMB but no place to spend" or "Clearly want to have a little novelty, but which one should be lost home?".


In the final analysis, it is always more or less fashionable to dress in style, even if you have your own personality, you can also play tricks by blending some fashion elements into your clothes,So, after receiving this problem, the baker's small partners have devoted themselves to this year's purchase idea to buy


Pastoral Lattice

Recently, Jenny Walton, a fashion illustrator we all like, has flooded INS with plaid skirts of different colors and styles.

That's right. This year's fashion is this kind of Wichig pattern. The simple little square is full of fresh pastoral flavor and a little woman's feeling. As a simple element to look at, it will be common to use it on ordinary items. So it has been used in some special styles this year.


For example, this year's most worthwhile items are non-distinctive tops. Off-shoulder, tie-ups, different designs are used to match jeans, pencil pants, or fresh white jackets, as well as various basic skirts.


In addition, there are half skirts worth buying. In addition to all kinds of basic A-shaped skirts, this year's hot is the upgraded version of the wrapped half skirt design with the addition of lotus leaf edge elements. This kind of half skirt, zara, mango... They all sell! Don't choose too many layers to wear too many. Pairing with a pure color jacket, white T-shirt, is a combination of error-free and brilliant.@http://hellosuitlady.com


Generally speaking, most of the Viigar patterns in street photographs are blue and white, black and white. The simple neutral color combination makes them very versatile. In fact, they can be matched with various colors.

However, not everyone can handle the Vehicle pattern well. If you don't wear it well, you will go farther and farther along the "dirt" road. So, in addition to wearing and fitting in line with popular aesthetics, the right choice is also critical.

Big grilles tend to swell and become fat, while smaller grilles tend to become thinner.

Although fresh and simple, it is easy to control, but the style is not "fashionable" and easy to wear!

There are many styles of plaid jacket, and the influence of details on the overall dress can not be ignored. For example, girls with shoulder width should not choose this kind of lotus leaf edge decoration with wider shoulder width.@http://hellosuitlady.com



Lotus Edge

Just mentioned the lotus leaf edge above, it is true that this year it is in a rage again, whether it is a show or street photography can see the shadow of the lotus leaf edge.


Intermediate: Chlo 2017

Lotus leaf edge is always a sweet, romantic and lovely representative, this year some holiday wind Lotus leaf edge oblique shoulder, brassiere jacket are very popular. Note when choosing: Lotus leaf edge wrinkles, fabric texture is too hard and fluffy, easy to lateral expansion show plump, but drop feeling and wide edge of lotus leaf edge is more suitable to modify the body slim!@http://hellosuitlady.com


If you think that the inclined shoulder jacket has some exposed characteristics that limit its applicability to the occasion, relatively speaking, the half skirt with lotus leaf edge will be more versatile. Adding lotus leaf edges to different skirts can create the same effect as fishtail skirts, highlighting the stature while well shielding leg defects. Combining with A-shaped skirt, there will be more leisure style.


No matter what kind of lotus hem skirt can be matched with a variety of changes of white shirts, neutralizing the sweetness of lotus hem, showing a handsome or elegant style.



Tighten your shoelaces

Two years ago, lace shoes and tops were especially popular. I believe that Pink Doodle must catch up with this time. She put on a dress, which showed a little in her mouth. It's really sexy. Chara likes this sexy style, and she almost goes through all kinds of lace jackets.


This year's popular laced up, but the relative position has changed, changed to skirts, pants, all kinds of jackets. Then wear a tired jeans skirt, as if adding lace-up A-shaped skirt immediately became different. Two days ago, while visiting Zara with another bakery girl, I planted a green half-skirt similar to that of the army.


The laced up half-skirt fits perfectly with all kinds of Retro-Flavored jackets and looks like a gorgeous palace (because laced up always reminds people of European women's corsets). Of course, it's prudent to choose this element. GiGiGi is a tight figure, hard to handle and naked transformer and exposing maniac.


About the location of the tie, the waist can be placed in the middle of the upper part of the waist, always this hollow tie is easier to become a visual focus! For places where meat is plentiful or tight, Chao does not recommend the way to expose thighs roughly, such as Hailey Baldwin. Daily wear is awkward and easy to attract wolves.




Many items this year like to have bows. Proenza Schouler, Lanvin and Simone Rocha all incorporate bow elements into their designs.


Lendra Medin, who has always been a ghost horse, also likes this lovely and delicate element, which can just neutralize the cool temperament in many of her models.


In addition to this very local girl's, bow-tied shoes also have a particularly exquisite woman's style. Designer brand Alexandre Birman from Brazil has put out a lot of bow shoes this year. There are two bows and three bows, which look like a word band from a distance, so the prominent function is also bar.


Or, if you like, you can use them for a holiday dress, which can give you a little tenderness at the right time. Generally speaking, when you don't know what to buy, buy a pair of smart bow-tied shoes, take the basic items out to build, and still shine!




Embroidery is most popular in all kinds of jackets that began last winter, and embroidery is more popular in street photographs, or shoes, or bags. Olivia Palermo, on the other hand, was lucky to embroider a complete spring, summer, autumn and winter.


Don't follow suit blindly because Olivia embroidered shirts look good. If you do not master the degree well, you will really "earth" flying (the following is the reverse).



There are also embroidered skirts and pants full of national style. If they are not selected correctly and worn badly, they will still look like native places (for example, in the picture)!


Chao can only say that babies are cautious!




Don't tell me, you don't have a single printed item in your wardrobe. Every summer, it will cause a wave of upsurge. Fashion blogger has recently been keen on a wave of print dresses. Of course, even if you wear different styles of skirts, there will always be a little sexy.


Printing is an element that can't be worn in any year. So even though there are a lot of prints this year, Chao still suggests that you buy them on your usual items. Of course, this year is more extraneous, I recommend that you buy a printed kimono cardigan!  After all, it's great to match the basic items. You just need to choose the easy-to-control high-level design.



In addition, printing with pyjamas that have been on fire for several years is a new trend this year, which can mix up a soft handsome style. But this print Pajama style suit is very demanding for selection!


But take out the printed shirt of the pajama wind and wear it! The effect is very different Oh ~take it as casual casual shirt to match ~buy the right pattern for yourself, absolutely can also wear for many years!



Different stripes

Stripes are really classic and can not be any more classic items, in fact, we just talked about a short time, but in order to answer the puzzlement that some girls put forward, unlike "sick clothes", of course, buy a variety of special designs - either to choose very conventional color stripes, or to make variants in style! In short, don't be too common.



Well, after checking it out, in fact, Chao just made a general, brilliant and not exaggerated comb of some of this year's fashion models. I wonder if the girls have found something worth buying? And these easy fashionable items, with your basic items, advanced items can be matched! As for the other overstated styles, let's say bye.