How to cross the pear-shaped self through thin in summer?

How to cross the pear-shaped self through thin in summer?

Introduction: Clothes through the thin season, will always make the lower half of the body is not very slim girls are deeply confused. Without "shelter" such as long coat, what should we do in summer when short and clear summer is beautiful?

We have introduced many times to you. The so-called pear shape refers to a body that starts at the waist and becomes thinner upward and fatter downward. Even the seemingly thin girls may be pear-shaped because of the proportional relationship.

Their upper body is generally thin, but the lower body is much wider, showing a triangular shape, buttocks and thighs are the most easy place to store fat. Bloggers Sara Donaldson, Kristina Bazan and Irina Lakicevic are all pear-shaped.


For girls with pear shape, the biggest worry is the imbalance of upper and lower body proportions. When buying clothes, the coat may be small enough, but the bottom must be medium or even large. (The three bloggers mentioned above are that the size of the download and download will never be the same.)

So how do pear-shaped girls look thinner in summer when they wear fewer clothes?

First of all, you have to throw away these unsuitable items!

If you want to wear a slim effect, you have to make a comprehensive break-up. As a pear figure, if you still have these items in the wardrobe, throw them away!

Half skirt

These must be thrown away: soft pleated skirts, skirts with tight hips

When wearing a pear-shaped half skirt, remember that the fabric is more important than the profile. Therefore, this kind of girl wears too elegant pleated skirt is not good-looking, will only appear to have a large stomach and wide hips.


There is also too close-fitting material, this hip skirt will only make the pear shape look more solid, fleshy, but no aesthetic feeling.



These can stay: soft A-shaped skirt, loose skirt

A-shaped skirt is certainly the most suitable shape for pear, but do not blindly pursue too large A-shaped pendulum. Not paying attention to it, it seems that the lower half of the body is too depressed.


Pear-shaped skirt is not necessarily only wearing A-shaped skirt, skirt with a slightly loudspeaker design skirt can also be. As long as the lines look natural.



These must be thrown away: hip-wrapped dresses, low-waist straight skirts, hip-trimmed dresses

Pear shape waist is very important, this is your greatest advantage. So a dress that doesn't highlight the waist line and hide the buttocks doesn't work!


These can be retained: waist dress, high waist A-shaped skirt

Since waist is your greatest advantage, all dress styles that fold waist and block hip lines are very friendly to you. Show thin waist, hide wide buttocks, visual thin 10 kg is very simple!



These must be thrown away: leg-wrapped pants, waist-belly decorative pants, thick broad-legged pants

Pear shape is the most taboo too prominent hip and leg trousers, we must try to reduce the attention of others to the buttocks and legs. So, all the trousers that make the lower body feel too strong are OUT!


Narrow crotch and wide crotch wear these tight thigh micro-pants, the effect is completely different:



These can stay: elegant broad-legged pants, nine-cent pipe pants

Contrary to skirts, pear-shaped girls prefer light fabrics when choosing trousers. The best is the thin broad-legged pants and pipe pants, which are not legged and can show ankles in length.


Secondly, these wear and tear summary TIPS to know!

After describing which items to throw and which items to keep, we summarize the most important dressing techniques for pear shape. Every item is very practical.

Upper Tightening and Lower Lowering is the Golden Principle

This is the best "slimming" method for pear shape: show the lean upper body with a close-fitting figure, and cover the lower body with a loose-profile jacket. For example, a T-shirt with high waist and wide ankle-exposed skirt, or a wide-legged trousers instead, the effect of self-cultivation is very good.



The waistline is the most important thing to wear.

Even if it's the golden rule of tightening and loosening, the pear shape should put the waistline in the first place (in fact, most of the figures need the waistline). This is true of trousers and skirts.


Waist line up can not only lengthen legs visually, but also weaken hip width, so as to really show high and thin. Without the waistline, your shortcomings will only be magnified infinitely: