Excuse me? They went shopping in swimsuits! Am I old?

Excuse me? They went shopping in swimsuits! Am I old?

What the hell is Bodysuit?
Although its predecessor is a swimsuit
But there are many differences between Buyer show and seller show.

In reality, Bodysuit is understood as this style of painting.

You cry and tell me that fairy tales are deceptive

Or this style of painting.

If I were your boyfriend, I couldn't do it.

Speaking of Bodysuit's tights, it's actually another item that our predecessors have played with for a long time.

Especially in the past two years, the fashion of retro is prevalent. Major brands then put various details of improved, style remodeled union clothes on the T stage and put them into the market. Tight union clothes have long escaped the stereotype of single sexy.

It is no longer the common swimsuit and lingerie in people's eyes. It ranks high enough to dominate the pages of all kinds of fashion magazines.


Bodysuit is popular with fashionable elites because it fits perfectly with the body's curves, is comfortable at the same time, it can also reveal exquisite lines, coupled with the binding to embellish, sexy Duang Duang Duang.~


In fact, bodysuit is not very demanding on matching, a pair of trousers or skirts can hold, if you feel shy, then wear a coat. Wearing vest inside and outside is a good choice for hin!