Don't wear wide-legged pants! Open skirt is more leggy, sexy and flesh-hiding than it is!

Don't wear wide-legged pants! Open skirt is more leggy, sexy and flesh-hiding than it is!

Sweethearts, are you still wearing wide-legged pants?

This year's reinvention of the open skirt, can not lose the comfort of wide-legged pants, 100 sets of feeling, but also more elegant French style!

It can not only modify the line of legs, but also lengthen the proportion of legs.

There is a sexy charm hidden in all hands and feet.

It can play feminine, cool and handsome, with a variety of styles.

At the Brazilian Olympic Games, Ji Niang's sequined opening dress, which was a stunning four seats, held up the whole opening ceremony and was very beautiful.~

Cai Yilin's striped open skirt, which she wears when meeting fans, is also very eye-catching. Make the little girl look tall and fashionable.

Selena Gomez's open skirt is very sexy! The clothes are easy to cut, just depending on one opening, you can wear the unique style of overbearing and elegant!

It's no wonder that so many actresses have begun to choose open skirts to add points to their styling.

It's really a super-high-grade single product that shows high, thin, temperament and body shape. This summer, what to say should be arranged!


A half-skirt

The combination of shirt and half skirt became popular as early as the seventeenth century. Nowadays, if you want to wear new ideas, the design sense of individual products is the key!

Break the conventional open skirt, change the binding feeling of the hip-wrapped skirt, more freedom, lazy breath!It coincides with the temperament of a hanging jacket with a bare shoulder. The beauty is natural and free.

White shirts of all kinds, as long as some minor changes are made, the sense of profession will become abstinent in seconds. The pointed single shoes let the calf extend indefinitely, the legs are long and elegant!

Who said that Khaki straight skirt can only be old-fashioned? Opening + folding buttons, so that sexy with a sense of dignity, there is a kind of contradictory beauty!

Mako's latest favorite is the combination of strap skirt and jacket! Especially with a double-open silk skirt, cool and gentle. You don't need to worry about matching at all, it's enough to catch your eye!

Even cool and energetic Alll Black dress, encounter open skirt, all reveal silky little feminine flavor! Metal necklaces embellish the whole shape, witty and personality~

If you want to be tall, you can know something about it. As long as the fabric is stiff, it won't go out, and it can show great stability!

Don't worry even if the fabric is light! You can wear short pants inside and use half-skirt as outer garment decoration.~

Blending neutral products to take the high-cold route. But this route only applies to the slim cute, otherwise it will backfire...

In addition to generously exposed, with a long inside partner to block, the coat folding also A to burst it!

Located in the middle of the thigh, the opening is the most aesthetic, the best choice to lengthen the leg proportion!

Especially when walking in the front, slightly exposed some long legs, leg repair effect is very amazing!

Or worry about the opening height, this kind of small opening is also a good choice! The girls, the imperial sister and Laurie are all out of the question.~

But because of the short opening, the high effect will be weakened, it is best to wear high-heeled shoes!


Open dress

Bohemian style dress mixed with wild uninhibited atmosphere, originally is very difficult to control the single product.

But the sexy opening of legs adds elegance and sensibility to it, and it doesn't feel abrupt in everyday wear.

Because long skirts have a natural sense of conservatism, in the past two years, people have begun to prefer smart skirts. Little wonder, the long skirt after opening, which combines witty and lazy temperament, is more durable than the short skirt!

If your leg muscles are tight, the higher the opening, the more amazing! It completely breaks the dull feeling of suit and black, and shows the match of figure.

Loose slip-up skirt, relatively simple daily, do not pick the body. Especially suitable for shopping wear, comfortable and bright spots.

Slightly tight open skirt, suitable for small and lovely legs. After matching with slender heels, the proper "calf killing" has been beautified!

Palace style + open dress, while retaining purity, but also mixed with mature feminine flavor, especially suitable for matching strap-on ballet shoes, simple and elegant style.

Lightweight and soft bathrobe shirt, not too many hands. The gloss in the sunshine is the most prominent figure, which is the ultimate elegant single product.

Pure white cotton hemp shirt skirt is very suitable for colorful summer, in canvas shoes, high-heeled shoes to switch at will, there is a sense of freshness.

French tea dress + open cocktail, sexy and just right, there is no lack of girls charming! When you don't know what to choose, you must make no mistake in choosing it.~


Open pants

Do not worry if you feel a little open and dare not wear open skirts! This year's trousers are also open, oh, can also show high, modify leg shape?~

High-waisted broad-legged pants with a slit and a jacket are really beautiful!! A little bit of opening, walking and swaying with the wind, coupled with lovely bubble sleeves, is completely double cute!

The tie-up and loosening are very memorable matches. The simple style of the jacket is the first choice, so it won't steal the limelight of the trousers and wear a high-level and non-cumbersome feeling.~

The black-and-white stitching with a sense of sport completely broke the sophistication and local atmosphere of the suit! Open up a new fashion and street wear, very suitable for those who want to wear personality and dignified office workers!

How can the wave point of vitality be reduced in summer? With the help of the opening ladle, match with the shoulder jacket, the thieves go to the camera!! It's perfect for wearing on vacation.~

The matching of sports pants and stockings is really innovative! It enriches the sense of color on the body and wears a personal style that is difficult to copy. ~But it will be very hot in summer, just as a collocation idea.~

Silk scarves are really a good thing! Not only can you tie your hair and tie your bags, but you can also play with sports clothes in new ways!

The man of sneakers + the softness of silk scarves, these two contradictory temperaments are just right to be neutralized.

And the tough jeans are simple in shape. With the opening design, you can wear feminine style with high heels! 
But in print black T, it's a cool little sister. Modeling is very layered~