Don't put your suit jacket in the wardrobe for the summer.

Don't put your suit jacket in the wardrobe for the summer.

Introduction: When it comes to suits, it must be the first choice for many formal occasions. Both boys and girls often wear suits on their daily commutes. A suitable suit can also give people a sense of competence and handsome.

It's getting hotter. It seems that the time has come for suits to enter the wardrobe. Many commuter girls are wearing light clothes.

However, compared with men's one-sided suit dress routine, girls'suit Look can change a lot, no matter from the material color or collocation can turn out a lot of patterns, of course, summer is also suitable.


Don't remember to put your suit into "hibernation"

Early summer season can also be spent with your suit.

1. Tight shorts

Potential net red pants - tight cycling shorts, this time with a suit is not surprising.

Brain patch, maybe the suit and tight shorts are not the same way, but there is still a big surprise when they are really matched.

Tight shorts can also create a sense of competence, which is the same "temperament" as a suit.

And the upper body of the broad western assembly with tight shorts, this "let the lower body disappear" visual feeling is not what girls want.

Summer is to be so refreshing, such tight shorts are very suitable for summer wear.

Fashion editor Alyssa Coscarelli uses white lined underpants and tight shorts, plus a checked oversize suit. Does it look like the line of the whole person has been stretched?

What kind of shoes should this mix-up look go with?

Now that it's a mix-up, it's got rid of the formal feeling. Leather shoes are not the only choice.

Choose a pair of trendy running shoes or daddy shoes, you can even wear a suit can become a trendy person.

Of course, if you're confident about your moisture, it's also great to wear cool sandals in summer.

If you want to be a little more formal or a little queen-like, then the same color suit and tights, with a pair of high heels and a small handbag, such commuting dress is also very impressive.

2. Matching Chest-wiping

Even if you wear a suit, a girl with a good figure can wear a suit sexy. If you don't have the courage to "go into battle in vacuum", you can put a breast wipe on it. Cool is sure, and it can attract a lot of eyes.

Black suit with leopard-print bra is more suitable for a party. I believe that this style will make you the best party queen in the whole party.

In the shape of suit and breast-wiping, adding some metal elements appropriately will add a lot of points to the whole shape.

You can wear some metal jewelry, or bring a chain bag, and the effect is very good.

If you want to make your breast-wiping look more sporty, go down and match your sweatpants boldly. The striped sweatpants can also make the shape full of retro charm. This kind of mix-up will be amazing only if you try it.

The skinny shorts mentioned earlier are also suitable for the matching of brassiere + suit. You can choose the same color brassiere and skinny pants, which are neutral and dry with a little sexy.

3. Match your wallet

I remember that before Xiaobian, we had assembled the waistpack from Amway in this way. Because it is a very fashionable dress, so even in summer, as long as the upper body is a suit, with a waistbag is also a very good choice.

And this small waistbag is also very versatile, why do you say so? Let's see, first of all, suit + bra + tight shorts, perfect matching with the waistbag.

The waistband is also very friendly for the suit. It gives the loose suit a "waistline" instead. Simple waistband will not affect the skilled image of the suit.

If it is a plaid suit, a small black waistbag can also add highlights to the shape.

Have you found that with the embellishment of the waistband, it is a lot more advanced all of a sudden?

Besides formal occasions, there are many places for suits to be used.

A mix of personality and fashion can make a suit a single item you can use all the year round.

Suits are no longer dull colors. It's good to choose some bright suits for the summer.